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Structural Mechanics And Experimental Approach

Our Internationally known experts will guide you throughout your project.

The target being:
• Design Robust and most reliable parts
• Know the Material to use
• Use of Numerical Analysis.

Noise reduction at urban scale and in buildings

The noise reduction approach at urban and building scales.

Events design And Media coverage solutions

Whether you are preparing to host the world cup or a Forum on Top Best African Universities, Come talk to us Sylvie and Carole will be there to get for you the best deal.

Web Solutions & Network Systems

To boost your internet communication and increase your network efficiency, Our Experts in Computer Sciences and Webdesign are waiting for you.

Environment & industrial risks

Make sure we will leave for the next generations the most robust ecosystem. Our professionals are the best to help you in the whole energy chain value.


With a fully dedicated and experienced Engineers, we use state of the art tools to help our customers on their projects.

Energy Conversion and Storage

Today, African countries are experiencing a crucial lack of electricity for the proper functioning of their economy. The methodology to solve this problem must include both training, research, innovation, and development of small industrial
production units.

Building Management and infrastructure design

Our routes and infrastructures planification need in-home Expertises to fully integrate our Development within a cultural Framework. Let’s use together the best of our competencies.

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